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Friday, February 01, 2008

1st February

Tawny Owl roosting out in the open in the leaf yard wood this afternoon.

Siskin: 8 birds still in areas 24 and 26, feeding in Alder trees.
Goldfinch: 4 birds on the nyjer feeder in area 24.
Song Thrush: 14 males singing around the park, pre dawn is the best time to here them.
Tawny Owl: The male roosting out in the open in area 29.
Yellow-legged Gull: 1st winter on a post in the lake at 8.25am.


Daz said...

Saw the goldfinches in the area mentioned. Yet to see an owl in Regent's Park....will look harder!

Do you mind people coming to say Hi when they spot you as I'm there everyday...!

Tony Duckett said...

If you see me in the park fill free to say hello. The owls are not easy, it is knowing where the prefer to hang out.