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Monday, February 25, 2008

25th February

Common Buzzard: Flew very low over the Open Air Theatre, just skimming the trees at 8.00 am.
Collared Dove: 1 flew north at 7.45am.
Yellow-legged Gull: A 1st winter was on the lake early morning, it flew off when the Buzzard flew through.
Blackcap: A male was in London Zoo, just west of area 34.
Redwing: Birds were heard flying over at 6.00 am.


olisimms said...

for some reason my e-mail to you bounced back. My adress is

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Oliver.

I did receive your email and have replied. If it hasn't got to you then I have invited somebody else to come and bird the park with me.

Neil said...

hello again

Ive been looking for your email address (while enjoying the search around the site, the sightings list is very impressive!) and cant see it on either of your sites?


castlehaven said...

1445-1515 27/02/08
Area 20: Just to N of the "original trio of trees", 1 adult Little Owl.
Observation: all previous sightings of both adults and juveniles, bar one exception, have been on thick branches, lower down trees, and close-ish into the truck. This one was at the top of the canopy on a thin twig, and once spotted, stood out compared to hiding away among the branches.

Area 18: 3 Long Tailed Tits

olisimms said...

Sorry there must have been something wrong with my e-mail. I recieved your e-mail today. Sorry fo the confusion I have caused and I have responded to your e-mail.

castlehaven said...

1800 27/02/08
Cycling round the park when I heard very loud Tawny Owl on edge of woods in Area 29. Stopped and saw said bird, very prominent on a branch c10m away, hearing a second calling from further inside the wood. Owl then flew low across the road to trees in Area 32.

Tony Duckett said...


my email address is