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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

6th January

Belated news from Sunday 3rd, a 1st winter Caspain Gull was with the post roost dispersing large gulls that arrive in the park first thing in the morning. It was observed for 3 minutes perched on a post in the lake, before the majority of the gulls flew off to the north-east. It was a really attractive, well marked individual and put the other 1st winter gulls to shame.

Tawny Owl: 3 birds, two in Queen Mary's and one roosting in Ivy in area 29.
Little Owl: 1 in plane tree, area 19.
Redwing: 6 birds feeding on Gloucester Green, area 21 this afternoon.
Siskin: 2 birds in area 1, one on seed feeder.
Stock Dove: 25 birds feeding in garden by St Marks Bridge, area 34.
Chaffinch: 4o birds were feeding under Hornbeam trees around the edge of the running track, area 33.
Mistle Thrush: 6 males singing from tops of trees.
Egyptian Goose: 22 birds in area 25 and 26, making a lot of b----- noise.

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