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Thursday, March 13, 2008

13th March

Area 24; the Stonechat has been feeding 30 yards to the right of the pine tree, occasionally feeding on the bramble in the picture. It is normally on the sheltered side of the enclosure.

Stonechat: The female is still present in area 24 at the top end, on the fence or bramble bush.
Reed Bunting: The male returned to the reed bed in area 2.
Siskin: Two birds were in area 26.
Egyptian Goose: Twelve birds were by the Bandstand this morning quarrelling.


Svetlana said...

Nothing exotic but 7 magpies were collecting mud for nest building on Primrose Hill at 6.15 this morning, 14th March.

And there were more than the usual number of seagulls circling very high up, squawking.

I loved the punk baby herons in their nest.


Tony Duckett said...

Hi Svetlana
There was a large flock of mixed Herring and Lesser Black-backed Gulls on the football pitches at 6.00am. There was also a drop of about 50% in the number of B H Gulls on the lake.