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Saturday, March 15, 2008

15th March

The pair return to the nest box, the only problem is a murder of crows have moved into the area and are constantly harassing the birds when they fly to the box.

Time for a spuce up before taking on the corvids.

The first spring migrants arrive.

At least 4 birds were in area 24 and 26.
Blackcap: One male singing quietely in area 29.
Kingfisher: One flew across the lake this morning.
Black-headed Gull: Numbers were down to about 40 birds.


Neil said...

Good to see the kestrels are back. I saw this duck on friday in the lake by the heronry. First I thought it was a ruddy duck, but its missing the white cheeks. Do you know what it is?

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Neil.

A Ruddy without white cheeks is an Argentine Ruddy Duck. It is a bird from the collection that escaped on to the main lake and associates with the wild Ruddies on the lake.

Neil said...

cheers tony :)

Piers Aitman said...

Is that the one with the famously large penis? I too saw this duck fleetingly ages ago and thought my eyes were deceiving me, or it was a cross or something. Always good to clear up mysteries like that - btw, do you know anything about the future of the ruddy duck population, I thought their days were numbered?