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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

19th March

The Kestrels in area 26, have been displaying and the birds have been witnessed copulating in the Willow tree.

Just to say that has been recently updated.

A bright sunny start to the day with a chilly northerly wind, eventually by mid morning cloud obscured the sun for much of the time.

Common Snipe:
A member of the public flushed a bird from the the long grass in area 29 around 9.50am. The view was to breif for a positive ID, but the bird called as it flew off. My first thought was that it was probably a Woodcock, as it is a good time of year for this species, as they begin to leave the country. It could have been a Jack Snipe as they tend to like long grassy areas. The only thing against these two species, I have never heard them call when flushed. At 11.30am Dave and I when to have a look in the Leaf Yard Wood, in case the bird had made a short hop over the fence into this location. We had not gone far when we heard a sound we both recognised, Common Snipe. We did not see it fly off but there was no doubting that sound. We then decided to check the reed beds around the lake. Looking from the bridge in area 2, the ditch was empty. As we scanned the lake a snipe appeared in my field of view, it circled gaining height, before it was impossible to see any longer as it headed off towards the Thames.
Redwing: 300 birds in one flock headed very high eastwards at 6.30am.
Jackdaw: Seven birds flew high to the south-west at 7.50am.
Chiffchaff: Six birds seen around the park: one in area 1, two in area 7 and three in area 29.


Neil said...

hi tony. good news on the kestrels. Im coming into london tommorow to 'revise' so I'll end up in Regents park no doubt! You about tommorow for a quick hello?

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Neil,

I am sorry, but us civil servants are given a half days leave on Maundy Thursday. That means I finish at 10.00am.
The down side to this is that I have to start decorating.
We will have to meet up in April.

Neil said...

Ididnt make toady in the end, just as well really with the current weather!