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Saturday, March 01, 2008

1st March

Kingfisher: The female was again showing on and off, from the blue bridges in area 1.
Heron: Two sets of young herons are now showing in the baskets on the Ash tree at the northern end of area 6.
Redwing: Two small flocks flew over this morning.
Siskin: Four birds were seen in areas 1 and 26.
Goldfinch: At least sixteen birds were visiting the feeding stations in area 1, 24, 29 and 34.


thepowerguides said...

Great Photographs of The King Fisher

Steve From
The Power Bird Watchers Guide

Tony Duckett said...

Cheers Steve, she seems fairly relaxed and I am sure she knows that I am here.

Svetlana said...

The king fisher pics are soooo beautiful. I really appreciate this blog. I see a kestrel most mornings, just before 6.30, on Primrose Hill. Not where the nesting box is but near the lit path that cuts across, running along the large playing field. He always sits on the same branch, fluffed up against the cold. Svetlana

Tony Duckett said...

I am glad you like the blog, I might have overdone the Kingfisher pics, but they are such beautiful birds. It was a bird that until three years ago was only a scarce visitor to the park. With the reed beds becoming more established, offering shelter for small fish which in turn has attracted the Kingfishers. The next stage is that they breed in the park. Today I got lucky a Kingfisher landed nearby with a fish.