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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

26th March

Unfortunately todays view was know where near as good as this bird photographed in Norfolk last year.

A good start to the day with a bird I was hoping to see, if I was lucky in mid-April.

Ring Ouzel:
A male landed all to briefly on the wrong side of a tree in the goose pen, area 25 at 6.25am. It turned up at the same time that a small fall of winter thrushes began to land. This beat the previous earliest record set in 1965 by 5 days.
Redwing: Twenty-seven or more landed in trees in areas 25 at 6.25am. Other small groups were seen in area 14 at about the same time.
Fieldfare: One circled overe Queen Mary's at 6.30am.
Jackdaw: One flew NE at 10.25am.
Meadow Pipit: Four birds flew NE.
Chiffchaff: Four birds were seen in several locations.
Teal: One pair was in area 1 this afternoon.
Little Grebe: at least three birds were present on the lake.

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