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Sunday, March 30, 2008

30th March

Although Herons can have four chicks the average in the park is normally three. If the nest is to crowded there is a greater risk that one or more could fall out. If that were to happen the chick would starve to death , as the parents only feed them at the nest.
With the Herons doing well and with Cormorants increasing will they soon breed in the park?
Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming.

A real red letter day. Unless proven to the contrary.

Black Kite:
I received a phone call at 2.20pm from Glen to say that a large raptor was being mobbed over the Snowden Aviary He was unable to identify it as he hadn't any optics with him. Rushing out into the garden I picked the bird up straight away. I was expecting a Buzzard, but this was no Buzzard. Back into the house to get my bins, returning to find the bird starting to thermal above the garden giving crippling views as it was mobbed by gulls. It was my third park Black Kite.
Rock Pipit: One that was thought to be the same bird flew low over the wetland pen at 10.30am heading SE and the again heading N ten minutes later.
Jackdaw: Two birds flew west at 10.00am.
Chiffchaff: Six birds again around the park.
Goldcrest: Four pairs seen around the park.
Grey Heron: Twenty seven pairs the majority with young in their nests.


Neil said...

I just read about the black Kite on WAB forum. I hope it hangs around for a bit!

Nice heron nest photo. much better than mine!

Tony Duckett said...

As with all rare birds in the park, especially raptors they never hang around.

Daz said...

Green Woodpecker feeding on the ground in the area 25.

Lone kestrel sitting in the tree near the box.

And the sounds of the toucans echoing around the park from their new home in the Zoo. Makes a change from hearing the lions!

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Darren.
Do you know how many Black Kites are in the Snowden Aviary.

Daz said...

Last time I wandered through it there were four female black kites.

Daz said...

I may pop in to the Zoo tomorrow (Tuesday), so Ill do a wing count.

Saw the spotted woodpecker today (Monday).

Both kestrels were around - still battling with the crows and winning thankfully!