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Thursday, March 06, 2008

6th March

The first park breeding record, and let us hope that not to many more pairs breed.

Kingfisher: The female again showing in area 1 at 7.50am.
Redwing: A flock of sixteen flew south west at 7.35am.
Yellow-legged Gull: An adult was on a post at 1.30pm.
Egyptian Goose: 7 birds and one pair with three 2 day old goslings.


Piers Aitman said...

Why did the Egyptian goose chick cry?

Because it wanted its mummy...

They're cuter than their parents, that's one thing you could say.

They don't seem to be quite taking over the world yet, though an Egyptian was the first thing I saw when I went to Cley last year.

What was that foul concoction yesterday, heron-sick?

Tony Duckett said...

Almost, it did come out of a Heron, it's a pellet.

castlehaven said...

09/03 1200-1300. The Little Owls showing well in their area, quite active, despite a busy Park.

Tony Duckett said...

I think they are fairly tollerant, as long as people are not to loud and activity is kept to a minimum. Something I am trying to achieve with the Camden Green Fair planned for June.

Neil said...

I saw some egyptian geese with chicks at Kew gardens. Are they not part of the collection in Regents park?

Good to see the heron chicks are visible, I shall have to have a look tommorow if the weather gets better

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Neil.

We have never had or wanted Gypo Geese for the collection as they are very aggressive. The ones here at present may have originated from Kew.
Are there many of the blighters there. If not then they must have come from further west. I don't think that they are part of the Norfolk population. I think those birds are quite sedentary.

Neil said...

I only saw one pair (and a few chicks), but maybe they came from the same place as the regents park birds. I hadn't realised they were a problem, thou I have seen them bickering with the greylags.

Im guessing the pellet was the remains of a female frog. I did see one of the herons take a frog, behind the reeds on the opposite side of the bridge to area 1. Theres a sequence of photos ivf your interested here:

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Neil.
Great photos on your blog. The Fox pics are very interesting. This if it is the same fox has been around for about three years. One morning it was running alongside a female jogger, she was really surprised. It has also been known to grab the end of a gardeners rake. I was told that it possibly has a brain disease, if it has it has lasted well.