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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

16th April

This owlet was found on the Inner Circle tarmac by someone walking their dog a week ago. His mother told me about it the other day, saying that they were unsure of the birds identity, but her son had taken a couple of photos with his phone. He thought it may have been injured as it hadn't flown off. Luckily he did the right thing by picking it up and putting it in a tree. I was suprised when I received the email with the photos attached. We new Tawnies were in the area but were not normally seen often in this area. This pair of owls have only been on territory here for eighteen months.

The rain during the night had downed a few birds overnight.

Ring Ouzel:
A male flew in low from the north-east at 7.20am. It dissapeared as it flew behind trees, though it may have come down. I looked but could not locate it.
Blackcap: Twenty birds were scattered around the park.
Willow Warbler: Fifteen birds were heard in areas fairly close to the lake.
Swallow: Two flew north.
Linnet: Four flew north.
Collared Dove: One headed north-east.

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