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Friday, April 18, 2008

18th April

As I am out of action, here is something to ponder over.

Unfortunately I have had to take up the challenge of the paint brush for the last couple of days. So have not had a chance to do much watching over in the park. I did manage a bit of early morning skywatching from the shelter of the hub. Hoping for a wader or two, my luck wasn't in.

Three birds flew NW at around 9.30am seen and heard by Dave.
Willow Warbler: There are a few in the more sheltered areas of the park.


Piers Aitman said...

As it says Isles of Scilly at the top, god only knows what the possibilities are. Buff-bellied pipit?

Tony Duckett said...

Does it have the characteristics of Buff-b Pipit.

Piers Aitman said...

Probably not, but then pipits (if that's what it is) aren't my strong point. It has got dark legs though, don't know if that is diagnostic of anything, or rules most pipits out?