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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

22nd April

Male Whinchat on Primrose Hill

One of our better days in the park.

One flew north at 2.30pm.
Hobby: One chased House Martins north at 4.05pm.
Common Buzzard: Two birds, one west at 12.25pm, and another east at 15.55pm. The second bird came just after I had stopped speaking to Rupert at the Wetland Centre. He wondered how many buzzards had gone over this afternoon, as he had had six. He said that one of his later birds was heading my way. How right he was.
Whimbrel: One flew over calling at 7.20am, flying through low cloud.
Whinchat: A male was found on Primrose Hill, our earliest ever record. So thanks Rose for taking up the challenge, and doing some patch work up there.
Willow Warbler: Three birds were singing, two along the canal.
Chiffchaff: One again in area 29.
House Martin: Three birds intermittently over the lake.
Swallow: Singles seen heading north throughout the afternoon.
Tawny Owlets: The three birds are still hiding themselves away from any corvids that might find them.


Morg & Rose said...

Whinchat still present to 6.30pm at least. Also a Chiffchaff singing in the grove outside Winfield House grounds at 7.30pm, area 1/30.

Neil said...

A BIG thank you for yesterday. I saw a couple of things after we met. A brimstone butterfly near the willow tree in area 8 and the pair in mistle thrushes in area 10 are nesting. Ive you cant work out where from the photo (here: UK wildlife blog) I can email you exactly where. Thank you again!

Tony Duckett said...

Nice photos Neil, I was glad to have helped. If you could email me details of the Mistle Thrush nest it will save me time when I check them out.

joe beale said...

Interesting about the Buzzard passage.I had one at about 13.30 at Greenwich Park on 25th April, beiong mobbed by corvids at treetop level. It thendisappeared off to the east.