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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

2nd April

Reed Bunting singing from area 2.

Willow Warbler: One was singing in area 2 before that or another was seen and heard in area 26.
Chiffchaff: Two birds were singing from areas 1 and 29.
Blackcap: One was again singing in The Holme, area 7.
Brambling: A female was again seen on feeders in area 14, having first been seen on 28/3.
Reed Bunting: The male sang from the reeds in area 2 this morning.
Kingfisher: The female was seen again in area 1.
Meadow Pipit: One flew north this afternoon.
Redwing: The odd bird flew east before the rain started.
Jackdaw: Four birds flew north-east at 7.35am.


debbiepledge said...

Wednesday lunchtime. Willow warbler singing in Area 6 (island where the herons nest).

Svetlana said...

6.30 am I see the kestrel (how many are there?) on Primrose Hill, in the trees on the path that runs along the football pitches. Also large gulls/terns, with a couple of juveniles(I think they are juveniles - light brown colour) every morning on the football pitches. And last week, three ducks paddling in the water puddles at the south corner.

Neil said...

hi tony
I popped in today late afternoon. There was a pair of moorhens with there 6 chicks in the area 1 wildfowl collection area, so there be stuck in there until they can fly!
I also got a good view of both the male and femal kestrel but the crows scared the femal off before I got a good shot, got some ok ones thou.
Oh and I 99% certain the pair of mistle thrushes in area 10 are nesting. A magpie landed near one of the oaks(?) and got attacked by the pair. I have some video but I need to process it etc

Daz said...

Late afternoon: Saw the green woodpecker again....

No sign of the kestrels. Can we name them? I'm growing rather fond of them and they are my favourite bird!

For those interested, London Zoo has a kestrel called Solo which is used in the Bird of Prey demonstration to show their hunting technique. He hovers above the heads of the audience before diving to the lure.


Tony Duckett said...

Cheers Debbie.
In that case there were probably three birds present.

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Svetlana.
With the sightings of Kestrels we had in the park today. There could be as many as six birds present. The birds you are seeing are gulls either Herring or Lesser Black-backed Gulls.
The brown ones are the juveniles, they take four years before the gain there adult plumages. Were the ducks you saw Mallards or Mandarins?

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Neil.

The Moorhens are very agile and can get over most obstacles. I do get a lot of people worring when ducklings are seen going back and forth along the fences that seperate the collection waterfowl from the main lake. I tell them that if they were to get on to the main body of water they would soon be predated on by the gulls. I did get some nice photos the other day of those Mistles in area ten the other day. I will check them out.

Tony Duckett said...


Dont be so daft. We used to have a couple of Chinese Geese on the lake.
They must have had a hundred different names, as people would always say that Charlie, Gerald or what ever comes when he is called.
But if it makes you feel closer to the birds in area 25 then go ahead.

Daz said...

My tongue was stuck firmly in my cheek when I suggested naming them! Though Tony and Cherie, George and Mildred, David and Samantha? Just kidding!

Svetlana said...

The ducks on Primrose Hill were mallards, two males and one female. And the gulls were lesser black-backed. I've got no way of proving it but I'm sure the kestrel I see each morning is the same one. It often sits on the same branch. I haven't named it but I do chat to it as I run by ... lol

Neil said...
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Neil said...