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Monday, May 12, 2008

12th May

Ringed Reed Warbler in reeds at the end of area 26. This bird was first seen in spring 2006.

Two Large Red Damselflies appeared in the wetland yesterday, area 25.

Blue-tailed Damselflies appeared in the wetland today.

This weather has put a dampener on this springs migration, so to speak. This weather being ideal for birds getting to where they need to be quickly. There hasn't been a low pressure system(rain) that would bring down more passerines. Never mind at least there should be plenty of insects for birds to feed their young. That is if it doesn't do what it did last year, turn cold and wet.

Reed Warbler:
Five singing birds.
Chiffchaff: Two males.
Reed Bunting: The male flew on to the island in area 5.
Egyptian Goose. Eleven birds on the lake. A group of them were trying to drown a juvenile Heron with a deformed bill.
House Martin. Twelve birds were around the building they nest on in Park Road. Yesterday I witnessed a bird collecting mud from a freshly watered football pitch. This is the first time that I can recall ever seeing this take place in the park.


Neil said...

Shame about the heron, I havent seen that particular one, I guess I might not before nature finishes it off

Neil said...

Forgot to mention on the subject of damselflys and dragonflys, I've seen a number of dragonflys on the wing in Kent and heard of some further noth so expect some in London soon - if the weather clears up....