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Friday, May 23, 2008

23rd May

The female feeds the young, that are still to small to see over the front of the nest box
The male is often on the look out for any danger. He keeps his feathers in good order by spending a lot of time preening.

Grey Wagtail juvenile in the wetland pen

A fairly quiet day, with newly arrived migrants defending territories, the resident species incubating eggs or busily feeding young.

Red Crested Pochard:
There are three fairly large broods on the lake.
Mandarin: One pair have eight ducklings that are doing well.
Grey Wagtail: Two juveniles turned up in the wetland pen, area 25 this afternoon.
Reed Warbler: A seventh male was singing from the reeds in the wetland, area 25.
Chiffchaff: Two pairs are breeding in the park.

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