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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

27th May

Common Sandpiper on the bank of the lake in the grounds of The Holme

Grey Wagtail juvenile on the island in area 5

Common Kestrel with three possibly four young

This is the latest Reed Warbler to arrive and is singing in the Wetland area 25

Horray a dry day at last.

Common Sandpiper:
Two birds were around the island in area 5, sometimes coming to the bank on the north side of the lake.
Chiffchaff: A new bird was on the island in area 26.
Reed Warbler: After yesterdays drenching and blustery winds lets hope that those that have managed to attract a mate and have laid eggs have not lost them. Some of the reeds have been flattened.


Gav said...

I saw a Reed Warbler today (1st June) opposite to what you call area 2 but have seen none of the other birds on your sightings listed posted near the toilets. I am an amateur birder and walk through the park every morning on my way to work. I have started doing a species count and my record is a meagre 30 so far. The most unusual birds I have seen are a Kingfisher, Little Egret and a tern I suppose. Would be great to get involved with birding in the park somehow. Gavin

Tony Duckett said...

Hello Gav.

As you can seeI have been away for the past few days. When I was last in the park there were Reed Warblers in all three area of reeds by the blue bridges and the boathouse cafe. In area 26 there was one singing in the long narrow reed bed just north of Longbridge, another was at the far end by the airator. The last bird is in the wetland pen and out of site to the public. The other birds you mention are quiet good birds for the park, the tern probably Common will hopefully one day breed on the raft provided. The same applies to the Kingfisher, It may one day breed in the sites provided. The Egret, may well have escaped through the whole in the Snowden Aviary at the Zoo. Therefore it is hard to say weather it is wild or not.