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Monday, May 05, 2008

5th May

Recently fledged Mistle Thrush with deformed bill, area 22.
Newly arrived Reed Warbler in the Long Reed bed in area 26.
Female Green Woodpecker feeding on ants in area 29, it appears to be hard work.

A very warm start to the day, with light easterly winds. The rain during the night had moved off to the west. There were some new arrivals.

Ring Ouzel:
A female was reported on Cumberland Green, area 19. It was seen feeding near the Mislte Thrushes before flying towards area 15 at 7.20am. After looking in the area the bird could not be relocated, to many dog walkers and joggers.
Northern Wheatear: One was in area 28, unfortunately a football tournament meant that it wouldn't stay long.
Sedge Warbler: One was singing from the shrubbery by the Ready Money Fountain, area 22.
Reed Warbler: There were four singing males, two in area 2 and two in area 26.
Chiffchaff: Three males were singing, in area 1, 16 and 29.
Linnet: One flew through.
Jackdaw: Two birds flew through.
Swallow: One flew north.


Neil said...

hi tony

That mistle's bill does look TOO bad, might be ok I reckon.

I might be about weds :)

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Neil.

I was thinking about Mislte Thrushes when I was adding the caption. In fact it is a Song Thrush. It was having difficulty in excepting food from the parent bird, but lets hope it can cope.