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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

7th May

Another hot day with only a few clouds starting to bubble up around the outside of the park. The cooler temperature of the park, seems to affect the cloud formations.

Honey Buzzard:
A very dark looking bird was picked up thermaling high above Winfield House, area 1 at 1.35pm. Its protruding neck and small head, straight wings, pinched at the base and longish tail were very obvious. These features were obvious when at times both species were in the same field of view, though the Honey seemed quiet a bit higher up.
Common Buzzard: Two birds were watched at the same time as the Honey.

Rupert over at the Wetland Centre phoned to say that someone there had seen 6 Buzzards in a short period of time. If it were not for that call I would not have bothered to do any sky watching. Then there is the luck that the birds had come my way, and they had some of the few pieces of cloud as a background. Once they had moved into the blue it was impossible to find them after I scanned the clouds for any other raptors.

Other news:
3 males again present.
Reed Warbler: 5 males and 1 female, the area of seating in area 2 just behind the horseshoe shaped reed bed allows really good views and a chance to the here the birds singing.
Reed Bunting: The male sang from area 2, and another male sang from the island in area 26.


Neil said...

hi tony - thanks for today.

I saw a mistle thrush being fed today just along from where the nest was, so it looks like at least one fledged.

Also on the island in the round gardens bit there is a nesting pair of black swans and a crested pochard sitting under a bus (I think is on a nest but could see clearly

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Neal.

It was a shame the weather was so hot for our stroll around. I was lucky to pick up the raptors just after you had gone.
We are closing off the island with the swans on, as someone could get hurt by the male bird and it also gives them some piece and quiet.