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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

10th June

As today was again relatively quiet, I thought that I would just post a few photos of some of the more unusual birds or the most graceful.

Common Tern male, it is a joy to watch this elegant bird at such close quarters. The way it easily catches small fish from the surface of the water, so different to those that you see diving for fish in the sea.

Female Common Tern, waits for the male to tempt her with a fish.

This photograph show the wing pattern of the bird very well.

And in goes a fish.

Adult Yellow-legged Gull, above and below

Herring Gull chick

You can count the number of times that House Sparrows visit my garden in the course of a year on one hand.

Nyger seed is meant to be for Goldfinches, these Stock Doves have taken a liking to it.

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