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Saturday, June 14, 2008

14th June

Little Owl male
Little Owl female
Male on the lookout for a tasty worm

He needs to get a closer look

Got one
The youngsters will be pleased

One of the owlets outside the nest

The nest isn't up an elephants backside

It looks as if it is a tight squeeze

The male sees a dog approaching

Male Grey Wagtail, this is his first appearance since February, though we have seen juveniles around the lake for the last month.

Little Owl: At least two young this morning at 5.30am.
Tawny Owl: 3 young roosting in conifers in Queen Mary's.
Peregrine Falcon: A male put in a stoop at 3.30pm, but disappeared behind a cloud before it made contact with its target.
Common Tern: The pair still going courting on the lake.
Grey Wagtail: A pair were also displaying on the side of the lake.
Chiffchaff: A male was singing in area 22.

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