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Monday, June 16, 2008

16th June

Yeaterday the female sat out of site of the youngsters, this way she is not pestered by them begging for food.

At least one of the youngsters had fledged early this morning and it was possibly joined by a second bird this afternoon.

A recently fledged Grey Wagtail was being fed by his father in area 26 this afternoon.

The Common Terns were present again this morning.


Neil said...

Doh! I was at Uni today but decided against going to the park today as it would be peak rush hour when I went home and you would probably have left or been busy if you were there. And now I've missed the kestrels as well as the little owls! lol

Tony Duckett said...

The Kestrels are still in or around their nestbox. The Owls on the other hand are really best early mornings.