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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

18th June

Two young Kestrels in a Willow tree, not quite the normal type of perch. Here at least they can hide from potential attack from crows.

Cormorant in area 26, I quite like the feather pattern on these birds but they seem to have eaten all the parks Roach. This species used to be seen shoaling on hot summers days. I have not seen a live or dead one for many years, they must have all fallen prey to this expert angler.

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Neil said...

I saw a decent sized perch earlier this year - admittedly it was on its way down a cormorants throat. From what I've read cormorants and herons don't have much impact on fish numbers, although that research was based on fish in natural environment and they did say in artificial ponds and fish farm type environment where the fish cant escape they can have an effect. But Im not expert.

On the upside when I popped into the wildlife garden on Thursday afternoon there was a huge shoal of fish fry sheltering under the duckweed :)