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Friday, June 20, 2008

20th June

It is still a case of the same species being seen. The feeding stations are really busy, as this weather has caused a shortage of insects for birds to feed on. Even House Martins and Swifts can be seen skimming across the sheltered areas of long grass, in the search for low flying insects. One of the best places to find insects are the beaches around the edge of the islands in area 26. The Grey Wagtails are normally found here or on the island in area 5.

Little Owl youngster on the ground at 5.45am.

From here he flew up into the tree, I had thought that it might have been another premature exit from the nest.

A little while later he had joined another youngster.

The most recently fledged bird

The mother sat enjoying some early morning rays of sun

A recently fledged male Kestrel in the large Willow Tree in the goose grazing paddock.
Going on size and colouration this bird is a female. It was sitting just above the other youngster.
The male Great spotted Woodpecker feeding a lazy youngster in area 1

Peacock butterfly caterpillars in area 29.

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