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Monday, June 23, 2008

23rd June

Eurasian Cuckoo; I never thought that I would get a photo of this species in the park. Could the number of singing Reed Warblers in the area have attracted it.

Young Kestrels in the goose grazing pen in area 25, one out in the open and another pretending to be a Nightjar.

Cuckoo: Could this be the bird that was first seen on the 9th. I say that because last Monday I had a very very brief glimpse of a bird flying away through the trees, it was in almost the same spot that today's bird was found, at the time I was pretty sure that it was this species.
Common Kestrel: The four youngsters are getting much stronger on the wing.
Common Tern: The pair are still present, they have shown no sign of nesting on the raft or anywhere. It makes you wonder why they choose to stay here. There are surely much more productive areas to spend the summer. Not that I want them to go, as their graceful flights over the lake are a joy to watch.
Reed Bunting: A male flew over area 26.

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