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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

25th June

Four young Kestrels in the box on Primrose Hill, they should fledge around the middle of next week. Last year one of the birds had to be rescued from the long grass below the box. All this envolved was picking the bird up and throwing him up into the first crevice on the tree.

Grey Wagtail: This female bird was feeding a youngster in area 26. This photo looks as if it was taken on the banks of a mountain stream.
Chiffchaff: There was a bird singing on the small island in area 9.
Peregrine Falcon: The female that nested just south of the park three years ago was on the lookout for food as she soared above the southern edge of the park at 8.00am.


Debbie Pledge said...

Lots of brilliant owl photos recently. I am enjoying watching their progress.

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Debbie.
I was thinking that I haven't seen you around the park for a while.
I hope you managed to see some good birds during the spring.