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Monday, June 09, 2008

9th June

The male Little Owl was very vocal, from at least 5.30-615am.

Two Four-spotted Chasers were over the wetland, area 25.

Two Black-tailed Skimmers were also present in this area.

Cuckoo: One flew north-west at 7.30am. According to the rhyme it should be getting ready to lay it's eggs, that is if it was a female.
Little Owl: Two were seen this morning.
Common Tern: The pair were again going through some courtship behavior. They were present on the lake until 8.30am.
Kestrel: The female seems to have stopped feeding the young in the box. She is now quickly dropping the food off.


Neil said...

hi Tony

had quick wander around 6pm this evening - saw a common tern catch a fish and fly over the lake westwards before I was distracted by a loud crow and I lost it. Spotted one of the kestrel chicks panting in the sun too!

Tony Duckett said...

Once the rowing boats begin to be hired out the Terns normally move on.
The Kestrels should fledge around the end of next week.

bobh said...


I have heard that there are black x red kites escaped from the zoo and that they have been seen in Norfolk Essex and Kent. Trying to ID an Essex red that people are doubting.
Can you offer any help re escapees.