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Friday, July 11, 2008

11th July

Not much to report, hopefully within a week or so the first Willow Warblers will start their southerly journey back to Africa.

The Kestrels on Primrose Hill are doing well, and have enjoyed playing in the wind. (picture above and below).

The young in area 25 are also fine, sometimes they can be seen sheltering out of the wind on St Johns Lodge.

The second family of Common Terns to arrive have taken up territory around the moored rowing boats. That is until they are wanted by potential customers.

This swarm of Bees were in a tree close to the Hives in area 24. They were quickly recatured.

I set the moth trap last night, not much to get excited about, except for this Poplar Hawkmoth.

Roesel's Bush-crickets seem to be doing very well in area 30. We have cut pathways through the area to make this quiet corner more accessible

Sixspot Burnets were on the wing in this area as well.

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