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Monday, July 14, 2008

14th July

I have been looking skyward in the hope of getting a flock or small party of nomadic Crossbills. This species has been flooding into the country from scandinavia in the past couple of months. These eruptions happen every now and then and can sometimes be accompanied by the heavyier billed Parrot Crossbill.

One female took off from the top of an Oak Tree in the Leaf Yard Wood, area 29 at 8.50am. Not a flock but excellent views of a birds backside flying away.
Common Tern:
Seven birds were on the lake, including three juveniles.
Grey Wagtail: The male was feeding two juveniles on the beach in area 26.
Chiffchaff: Two birds were singing from areas 6 and 29.

I thought I would show you how the Wetland area has grown since it was reshaped in January.

The first Brown Hawker,Common(picture) and Ruddy Darters were on the wing in area 26 along with several Emperor Dragonflies.


Simon said...

Welldone with the Crossbill! I shall habe to keep an ear and eye for these in Mote Park as they paid a visit back in 2005.

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Simon.

I was in deed very lucky. I was just about to take another path when a fox cub caught my attention. As I walked towards it the Crossbill took off.
Have you suitable trees for them, we unfortunately have only three larch and they are only 6 years old.