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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

1st July

The hot air balloon came in very low from the south-west at 5.40am, before gaining height and heading off over Primrose Hill.

I had a pleasant surprise when I saw five young in the box this morning. I did have a incling that there might have been five but this shot proves it. The bird on the left looks to be the youngest. If one hasn't flown by tonight then it should go tomorrow.

While watching the Kestrels a fox came running up the hill towards me, being mobbed by crows. On seeing me it dropped its prey(a Crow) and turned and disappeared into the grounds of Barrow Hill Reservoir. Within thirty seconds a Magpie flew down and began to pick at the crow.

Blackcaps are still busy feeding their second brood near the feeders in area 29.

This juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker is often seen on the peanut feeder in area 29.


Neil said...

Thanks for today tony.
I saw another emperor dragonfly in the wildlife garden over the lake, a male patrolling its territory. Im working on a how to for getting my photos from flickr. Do you use internet explorer or firefox on the net?

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Neil
I use firefox

Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Hi, Great blog! Its nice to hear about the wildlife in London, keep it up! I will link your blog to mine