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Thursday, July 24, 2008

24th July


Peregrine Falcon:
The female was again on the lookout for food. She circled above the lake at 8.10am for five minutes before appearing to lock on to something. She then started a shallow dive, unfortunately trees then obstructed my view.
Common Tern: The pair were still present on the lake.
Chiffchaff: Four birds were in the tit flock in area 25.
Blackcap: A family group were feeding in area 25.
Long-tailed Tit: A roving flock was seen in area 25, it contained at least sixty-five birds.


Common Crossbill:
Three birds probably juveniles flew north-east at 8.15am.
Greater Black-backed Gull: A juvenile was perched on the rowing boats at 8.05am.
Little Owl: A bird was making a hell of a racket in my garden at 12.05am.

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