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Monday, July 28, 2008

28th July

Common Sandpiper

Brown Hawker ovipositing in area 25(above) and a Pale Prominent(below).

Peregrine Falcon: A juvenile male flew SE at 6.00am.
Common Sandpiper: A bird was present in the Longbridge Sanctuary, area 26. from 11.00am.


Svetlana said...

The last three nights, I've heard a tawny owl calling in the Meadowbank area (adjacent to Primrose Hill). Such a beautiful eerie sound! Identified the call from the RSPB site. And saw the male green woodpecker on Primrose Hill 6.30 am yesterday.No sign of the kestrels but I don't stay long. Svetlana

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Svetlana.
That is good news. I did have a report two weeks ago of one in a garden just north of Primrose Hill. If you could let me know if you continue to hear a bird calling. Hopefully you might get lucky and here two birds calling, the call of the female is different. The young Tawnies in Queen Mary's have dispersed to somewhere, they could have headed your way.

Svetlana said...

Hi Tony, I heard one tawny owl calling last night (Thursday). The call was fainter than on the previous occasions and I think this means the bird was further away. Still in a northerly direction though, not on Primrose Hill. I can't differentiate male and female calls yet.

Tony Duckett said...

Cheers Svetlana.

I will see if anybody else that lives to the north of Primrose hill gets in touch.