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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

8th July

There has been little of note over the last couple of days. Yesterday a juvenile female Peregrine Falcon put the frighteners on all the birds as it flew low around the lake at 7.50am. Grey Wagtails can still be seen around the edges of the islands.
Chiffchaffs are being herd calling in several locations. Both families of Kestrels seem to be doing okay, though the one on Primrose Hill are being hassled by Magpies whenever they take to the air.

Today was another first for the park. Not a rarity, but a piece of bird behavior.
A pair of Common Terns, more often the male fed a young bird on the bank of the lake close to Clarence Gate, area 8 throughout the day.

The youngster on the grass near to the Bandstand, though it tended to be in areas away from the Black-headed Gulls that would try and steel the fish brought in by the parent birds.

There was a constant supply of fish being brought in.

You can see by the bulging crop that he wont be going hungry.

1 comment:

Neil said...

nice sighting with the juvenile tern. I saw two terns flying around this evening. There seems to be no shortage of small fish fry in the lake: I saw a great crested grebe take a couple of fish as did the grey heron I saw later.