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Thursday, August 28, 2008

28th August

Dawn on the Algarve at 6.50am, a little late in the day for me.

This is Casa Rosa, our base, 30 minutes east of Faro.

This is some of the grounds that at the right time can hold a good variety of migrants.

Little Bittern
Famingos (above) and a flock of Cattle Egrets (below) leaving their roost.

Black-tailed Godwit (above) and juvenile Black-winged Stilt (below)

Red-necked Nightjar a regular at Casa Rosa

A little warbler teaser for those interested.

Fan-tailed Warbler, good numbers are around most salt pans.

Southern Grey Shrike (above) and female Woodchat Shrike (below)

Bee-eater, they tend to be a little harder to approach after they have bred.

Barn Swallows are one of my favourite species, so it was nice to get these shots

A few species of wildlife that can be found around the grounds of Casa Rosa

I am back, to the grey skies of the London. It is always a gamble going away during the migration period. This time was know different, Dave had produced a couple of gems, that are not the most abundant of the regular park migrants.

Northern Wheatear:
One was in area 28 first thing.
Willow Warbler: Twelve birds were dotted about the park.
Chiffchaff. 6 birds were in areas 26 and 29.
Garden Warbler. One was feeding in brambles on the side of the lake in area 26.
Blackcap. Four were feeding in the same area as the above.

Birds that I missed while on holiday

Common Sandpiper:
18th, 20th and two 22nd.
Common Swift. one 21st, it will be harder to see them from now on.
Garden Warbler. present on several days with a maximum of two 19th.
Lesser Whitethroat. one 18th, four 22nd, and three 23rd.
Wood Warbler. one was in area 25 on the 22nd.
Willow Warbler. seen every day with a maximum of twenty-five 22nd.
Chiffchaff. a maximum of ten on 22nd.
Spotted Flycatcher. four 22nd and two 25th.
Common Redstart. a female in area 25 on 23rd, and a cracking looking male on the chestnut fencing on the edge of area 29.
Hobby. A bird was hawking insects over area 14 on 23rd.
Kingfisher. a male was perched in the wetland 23rd.
Crossbill. two flew over area 14 at 6.40am on 26th.
Tree Pipit. one headed south at 7.15am on the 26th.
Reed Warbler. One was seen collecting food in area 26, by the viewing platform.
Little Grebe. the first youngster of the year was seen by the reeds in area 2.


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

The warbler is Bonelli's, right?
Sounds like a great holiday! Great pics too..
Josh J S

Tony Duckett said...

It was a nice holiday but the birds could have been better.

Svetlana said...

Welcome back. You've been in a different world...

For the record, the owl (single,sex unknown) has been calling most nights in the Meadowbank, Ainger Road area. It's definitely here! I'm trying to find a recording online of male versus female calls.

Svetlana said...

Hi again. Re: trying to tell the difference between male and female tawny owl calls, this RSPB site has two distinct calls. If you have a spare minute, could you listen and tell me if they are the male and female calls? Not urgent!


Tony Duckett said...

Hi Svetlana.

It really is nice to be back in the UK. I am sorry I haven't replied to you more quickly. I have listened to the RSPB recordings of the Tawny Owl.
Those two calls are used by both sexes. It is really a case of hearing a pair of birds bonding.

Svetlana said...

Thanks Tony. It's pretty logical, when I think about it. So, we've definitely only got one tawny owl in the area.

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Svetlana.

I have just been told that a Tawny Owl has recently been seen in the Zoo. It seems to favour a particular area and has allowed quite close approach. Allowing a respectable photo to be taken with a phone. Getting back to your owl, it will probably take until the end of the year until you stand a better chance of hearing either another male calling. If you are lucky, hopefully there is a female in that territory. You might be able to find a site on the web that has the females call as well as the male bird.


Tony Duckett said...

Hi Svetlana.

This site is not bad and has a lot of info.