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Friday, August 29, 2008

29th August

Northern Wheatear. One was on area 28 at 7.30am before flying off to perch in a tree when a dog got to close.
Lesser Whitethroat. Two birds in area 25 this afternoon and one in area 29.
Garden Warbler. Two in area 15 and another in area 29.
Blackcap. Four in area 26 and two in area 29.
Reed Warbler. Two in area 26 in reeds at the end of the lake and two more in area 2.
Willow Warbler. Twelve birds in the areas mentioned above.
Chiffchaff. Twelve birds mainly in areas 26 and 29.
Spotted Flycatcher. Four birds in area 15 this afternoon.
Mistle Thrush. A flock of twenty flew west at 4.30pm.
Sparrowhawk . A female flew over area 29 at 12.30pm.

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