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Thursday, September 11, 2008

11th September

Peregrine Falcon. A female almost through her moult, made a half hearted attempt to catch two pigeons at 7.40 am, she then flew off over Primrose Hill.
Yellow Wagtail. One flew over calling.
Common Crossbill. One flew south at 7.50am.
Pied Flycatcher. One in the old golf and tennis school and nearby Lime trees all day, area 30.
Spotted Flycatcher. Four birds in area 30 this morning, had dispersed by the afternoon.
Garden Warbler. One was in area 29.
Blackcap. Three birds in area 30.
Greater Whitethroat. One in area 30.
Willow Warbler. Three in area 30 and surrounding area.
Chiffchaff. Six birds present.
Common Teal. Two birds flew out of area 1 and on to the main lake.


castlehaven said...

3, possibly 4 Spoted Flycatchers in Area 30/Old Tennis School, all very active in lovely sunshine.
In same area: 1 Juvenile Whitethroat, and 20+ Willow/Chaffs, all also VERY active.

Area 24 1 Whitethroat and 6-8 Willow/Chaffs

Area 28 1 Wheatear

Tony Duckett said...

I wonder where they were earlier.

castlehaven said...

Hiding? The weather was perfect for fly catching, so perhaps that was it...

castlehaven said...

I wish I'd stayed a wee bit longer to see the Wood Warbler!

Tony Duckett said...

I wish the warbler had stayed longer as well. My views were all to brief.