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Sunday, September 14, 2008

14th September

A fairly interesting morning with some diurnal movement witnessed. Unfortunately we could not jam in to any of the large raptors that were seen in other parts of London. Maybe tomorrow?

One flew SW just as the bird walk began at 8.00am.
Yellow Wagtail. Seventeen birds flew mainly towards the SW in singles.
Tree Pipit. Seven singles flew through.
Meadow Pipit. Fifty plus birds flew through.
Swallow. Over three hundred headed south, a lot of these were very high up.
House Martin. One hundred and fifty plus passed through, they tend to linger more than the swallows.
Collared Dove. One settled on top of an Ash tree in area 29, this species is seldom seen perched as they normally pass through without stopping.
Chiffchaff. Numbers had dropped considerably overnight as conditions were ideal for birds to continue their journey south.
Reed Bunting. One was flushed by a dog from the long grass on the edge of area 26.
Siskin. One flew over area 14 this afternoon


Neil said...

No sign of the mass of ospreys and honey buzzards migrating south then?

Im going to UCL library tommorow so will pop in and say hi if your about :)

Tony Duckett said...

It was a shame that not many Honey's were reported. Some of these sightings were possibly Common Buzzards. This species was also on the move, but those who saw Honey's failed to record any Commons, that greatly out-numbered the H B's