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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

16th September

Today was another quiet day in the park. With overcast skies, little wind and not a lot of warmth, birds are slow to move. It would be different if we were nearer a feature that birds could migrate a long, ie river, escarpment or coastline.

One flew just above tree top hieght at 6.50am.
Kingfisher. One was on the island opposite the bandstand at 7.45am.
Tree Pipit. One flew west at 1.05pm.
Meadow Pipit. At least thirty-five birds trickled through.
Yellow Wagtail. One bird overhead this morning.
Grey Wagtail. Today was the first day with genuine migrants on the move. Five birds headed SW and two were on the ground in area 29.
Swallow. Twenty eight birds were seen.
House Martin. Eight birds above the lake.
Chiffchaff. Still around eight birds present.
Siskin. One headed west at 7.35am.
Peregrine. One was perched close to the park at 12.35pm.
Shoveler. Seven birds were on the lake

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