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Monday, September 08, 2008

8th September

Greater Whitethroats in the grounds of the old golf and tennis school, area 30.

This was the first day of visible migration, with light winds and no b----- rain. It was just unfortunate the it clouded over at lunch-time, with the temperature dropping.

One headed north-west across the open spaces before changing course and heading off to the south-west at 7.15 am.
Merlin. This could have been the reason for the larks change of direction. This female came in from the north-west just as the lark headed off. It caused absolute panick amongst the finches in area 29 and the flocks of birds feeding on the open spaces.
Sparrowhawk. Three birds 2 males and a female drifted slowly eastwards over the park.
Common Buzzard One was picked up at 12.15pm soaring to the east of the park. It then began to glide towards us until it hit another thermal, from which it was able to gain altitude again and slowly drifted off to the south- east.
Barn Swallow. Five-hundred and fifty birds at least passed through prior to 12.30pm. The largest flocks were before 7.30am, these involved flocks of 100 plus. After that when ever we looked up from work small groups were constanly seen.
Yellow Wagtail. One flew SW.
Grey Wagtail. One flew SE.
Pied Wagtail. One high flying bird was almost certainly a migrant.
Meadow Pipit. A flock of six birds headed west at 7.30 am.
Lesser Whitethroat. One was in the grounds of the old Golf and tennis school.
Greater Whitethroat. Two birds were with the above.
Garden Warbler. One was in area 16 in the hawthorns that seperate Avenue Gardens from Marylebone Green.
Blackcap. Fourteen birds were seen, with at least ten birds on the end island in area 26.
Willow Warbler. Four birds were seen.
Chiffchaff. Eight birds were seen.
Spotted Flycathcher. One was in the Lime trees that run across area 30.
Mistle Thrush.
A flock of twenty one were feeding on Cumberland Green, area 19.
Mandarin Duck. A flock of thirty have been seen roostin along the edge of area 5.

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