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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

9th September

Was expecting a much better day than this. The weather forecast had yet again changed overnight. Although it looked promising at first light then again mid morning the cloud did not really break up enough.

Spotted Flycatcher.
Two birds , one on the boundary of area 28 by the zoo and another again in the Lime trees in area 30.
Greater Whitethroat. Two still present in the old golf and tennis school.
Swallow. Smaller numbers than yesterday, with the birds seen in the first couple of hours after dawn headin eastwards. At least two-hundred and fifty passed through.
House Martin. There was a small movement today with eighty birds heading SW. This species never seems to be in such a hurry to get anywhere, they tend to do a lot more hawking for insects as they go.
Willow Warbler. Five birds were seen.
Chiffchaff. Six were seen.
Blackcap. Sixteen birds were seen, all you have to do is find an area with succulent berries.

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