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Monday, October 13, 2008

13th October

I observed some diurnal movement over the park this morning from 7.00- 8.20am. I then had to get stuck into some work, this didn't allow me the chance to hear or see much as I was cutting down some reeds with a hedge cutter.

Little Grebe:
The juvenile is still present on the lake.
Little Egret:
One flew high NE at 16.15pm, the 118 species seen in the park this year.
Tawny Owl:
Three males were calling from area 1, 14 and 18 at 6.30am.
One was in area 26 at 8.10am, then seen in area 1 at 9.50am.
One flew SW at 7.37am.
Meadow Pipit: Six singles flew south.
Grey Wagtail: Two singles SW.
Pied Wagtail: Three singles south.
Fieldfare. Two birds flew NW at 7.05am.
Redwing: Ten birds flew low to the west.
Chiffchaff: Three birds were in area 26.
Blackcap: One was in area 24.
Common Crossbill: Seven birds flew NW calling very excitedly at 7.55am.
Lesser Redpoll: Ten birds flew SW, there was one flock of six birds the others were singles.
Siskin: Two single birds landed briefly.
Chaffinch: Sixty birds in three flocks flew west.


Debbie Pledge said...

Thanks for the Scilly photos. I was wondering what you would see.
Last week I had a nuthatch briefly in my garden: first sighting of this species in our two years there. Plus, a buzzard over the house being mobbed by crows and other smaller birds. I did think 'is it a honey?' but there were no reports of any in London on that day so I am putting it down as a common. It drifted away too quickly. But still a new bird for the house list. The tawny owl has started calling again recently.

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Debbie.
It is nice to here from you. The Scilly's were as beautiful as ever, though it was hard birding.
Just because a bird isn't mentioned on sightings website it dosen't mean you cant see one. There has been an Osprey at a lake just north of Watford that was not mentioned until a friend of mine put the news out. A Honey was seen on Saturday in the Essex sector of London. I hope that you are still getting the chance to visit some good birding sites.