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Saturday, November 01, 2008

1st November

I am back after a week of mixed fortunes, both bird and weather wise. Though we did not get any cold weather until Thursday the winds were not favourable and most afternoons were littered with showers. There were however some good birds to be found, but it took patients and luck. My best birds were 1 Tawny Pipit circling Lands End, 3 Yellow-browed Warblers in the valleys, over 30 Grey Phaloropes off Lands End as well as 3 Sabines Gulls. There were other goodies but numbers in general were low, due to a lack of warm easterlies.

This photo with the camera on its macro setting, as the bird approached to within a foot of me as I sat on the ground

I will remember this 1st winter male Red spotted Bluethroat at Lands End, as one of my most memorable birding moments.

This photo was taken with the bird standing by my side. Those birders turning up to see it were probably its first sighting of human. It's only problem was a very territorial Robin, that kept on trying chase it off.

If you look closely you can see the Bluethroat underneath my tri-pod

This Gull at Sennen is thought to be a Azorian Yellow legged Gull?

This Rabbit joined me for a spot of early morning sea watching at Lands End before the tourist began to arrive.

Sennen Cove on a blustery day

Porthcurno at differing times of a beautiful day

Hi, I am back after a week of mixed fortunes, changeable weather and very little in the way of bird moveme


castlehaven said...

Quiet time, but nerver quite sure what I might see...
No finches at all at either feeding station (spent a good 30 mins+ at each), not even on the niger seed at Area 24.
Flock of 26 Long Tailed Tit (all countged individually as they flew across my path) in Area 20 by the new jungle gym. Scared by a low level Kestrel.

Tony Duckett said...

The feeders at all locations have been quiet for several weeks. Most of the finches seem to have moved off, possibly to the SW of England. I noticed large numbers of mainly Chaffiches, though there were some Greenfinches.

stuart said...

Nice shots of the Red spotted Bluethroat Tony. That must have been a fantastic experience.