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Monday, November 03, 2008

3rd November

This Woodcock was picked up yesterday in Triton Square NW1. It was kept in a box overnight on the advice of the RSPCA, who told the finder to release it this morning, he brought the bird to us. Externally the bird looked okay, though it did have some dried blood on its bill, which it had probably picked up after colliding with a building. We released it in an area with no foxes where it has remained, hopefully at dusk it will be strong enough to start feeding.

My first day back at work. As I checked the works diary it appeared that Dave had had a fairly leen time in the park, with very little diurnal passage noted. Todays sightings were much the same.

One was perched on top of a tree in Queen Mary's at 8.10am. This was Daves first bird of the autumn.
Redwing: At least eighteen high flying birds headed NW in one's and two's.
Skylark: One flew north.
Goldcrest: Thirty two birds were recorded on a bird survey carried out this morning.

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