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Saturday, December 06, 2008

6th December

Eurasian Siskins feeding in area 26.

Little Owl: What is probably one of this years youngsters has been seen roosting in the Willow tree that is by the lake edge 5o yards from Long Bridge, area 25. It is best view from the duck identification board, it may also use the large Willow in the middle of the goose grazing pen.
Siskin: At least seven birds have been feeding in the Alder trees in area 25 and 26.
Lesser Redpoll: One was seen flying over area 26 with the Siskins, how ever it could not be found feeding with them.
Goldfinch: Still at least twenty birds visiting the feedind stations in area 1, 24 and 29. They still visit the garden by St Marks Bridge.

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