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Sunday, January 11, 2009

11th January

Murder in garden by St Marks Bridge

Water Rail: Two birds still present in area 2.
Little Owl: One roosting in nest box in goose grazing pen, area 25.
Siskin: Around twenty birds in area 24.


castlehaven said...

Great Sparrowhawk picture!

Tony Duckett said...

Thanks Francis.

Last year I was noy able to get a single sparrowhak photo. Probably as they were absent from the park for a long period.

Neil said...

I agree with castlehaven - a great pic. Ive never managed a sparrowhawk photo, let alone one with a kill!

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Neil Happy New Year to You.

It is all a matter of luck, this is only my second. This one I took the photo through my binoculars. It would have been to close to take using a telescope, which at the time was not handy. If I had used a scope it would have been a sharper photo.