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Saturday, January 17, 2009

17th January

As things are a little slack in the park at the moment, I thought some of you less experienced birders might like to work out these birds identities.

It's has been a very quiet week, with the same species of birds present. There has been a slight exodus of waterfowl now that the cold snap is over. The Little Owl was very vocal by the north end of the Broadwalk on Wednesday evening.

A female was soaring above the lake at 11.00am.
Water Rail: The two birds are still present in area 2.
Goldcrest: Numbers are considerably down on what they were before the cold snap. Birds can still be seen in areas 2, 12 and 24.
Siskin: The flock in area 24 now numbers 8 birds, they are also much more mobile.


Peter Dixon said...

Hi Tony

I wondered where the best place to try and get a view of the water rails is?

Goldfinchs and a greater spotted woodpecker in area 26 yesterday, BTW.


Tony Duckett said...

Hi Peter.

Standing on the blue bridge nearest to the toilets in area 2 is the best place to view from or by the RSPB poster. If you are by the poster you do not get disturbed by the bridge bouncing. Just look along the channel behind the reeds. One tends to favour the far end, though just keep looking I normally do not have to wait for more than three minutes for at least one of them to show. The birds are both easily seperated.

Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Is the wader a White-rumped sandpiper?
And the warbler a Melodious?

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Josh.

Not bad but one of them is not correct. I wont say which just yet, so as to give anyone else a chance of identifying them both correctly.