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Sunday, February 15, 2009

15th February

This is the third Water Rail to be seen in the rail ditch. It has a somewhat dumpy appearance, with a short tail and white undertail coverts.

Redwings on the canal slips, showing how different amount of red on the flanks can be.

Water Rail: What was the third individual in area 2, showed well this morning.
Tawny Owl: A male calling from area 29 at 6.50am.
Redwing: 75 birds feeding by the Outer Circle, area 32.
Chaffinch: 68 birds feeding under the Hornbeams, by the Outer Circle, area 32.
Siskin: Fifteen birds in area 24.

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castlehaven said...

On a short wander in the Park on Saturday afternoon, around 1530-1600, saw a bat hunting around the trees in the feeding station Area 24.