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Friday, February 27, 2009

27th February

Female Smew in area 5. The first record since 1963

The not the clearest of pictures, it shows that the bird below is fully winged.

Drake Common Teal in area 5

Grey Heron in area 2 on the prowl for the first of the spring frogs.

Redwing in area 32, a flock of around twenty birds have been present here for a couple of weeks.

Green Woodpecker feeding in area 32.

Little Grebe: Three birds were on the lake.
Smew: A redhead was asleep on the north side of area 5. It was first seen on Wednesday, but the observer thought that it had escaped from the collection. This is the first record since the cold winter of 1962-63.
Common Teal: A pair were also in area 5.
Gadwall: 19 birds were in area 5.
Red Crested Pochard: 27 birds flew out of area 26.
Egyptian Geese: 22 birds were on the lake, making a racket.
Grey Heron: 28 pairs have taken up territories, with several sitting tight on eggs.
Redwing: 20 birds were on the grass by the Outer Circle, area 32.
Siskin: At least 8 birds were present, seen in areas 5 and 26, with several males singing.
Goldfinch: Sixty birds scattered around the park.
Jackdaw: Two birds flew SW at 8.00am

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castlehaven said...

Wow! have been in Pembrokeshire for a few days, but intend to do a first thing check of the Smew tomorrow... Regent's Park is on the way to beating Rainham!