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Sunday, February 08, 2009

8th February

Fieldfare and Redwing

Redwings and Fieldfares

No matter how cold, birds really need water to bath and drink in.

I wasn't in the park yesterday, but another birder reported seeing a small mixed flock of winter thrushes, today this flock had increased.

Water Rail:
There are possibly three birds in the rail ditch. The undertail coverts seem to indicate this.
Fieldfare: Forty-eight birds feeding on the ground in area 20.
Redwing: Sevent-two birds feeding in area 20.
Siskin: Four birds in area 24.
Goldfinch: Twenty-six feeding in area 24, there were also a few feeding on the ground in area 20.


castlehaven said...

9 Redwing Areas 23 + 24; a single Redwing in Area 20.
3-4 Siskin feeding with Goldfinches in willows Area 25.

Tony Duckett said...

No Fieldfares, they may have been moved on by the ever increasing number of people turning up in the park. I saw them last at 12.20 when footballers were gathering in the vicinity.

castlehaven said...

Forgot to say, 1 x Coal Tit Area 1 on feeder, 2 x Coal Tit Area 24 on feeder