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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

11th March

Adult Tawny Owl and conehead below

Heron on the prowl

Frog is the meal of the day, this bird spends most of the day in area 2.

One of at least two nests that have young in.

Smew: female still present.
Common Shelduck: A drake that I am pretty sure is a wildbird, it flies off when the collection birds are fed and dosen't return until I am well away from the area.
Little Grebe: Three birds were on the main lake and another in area 26.
Great crested Grebe: Two pairs were on the lake.
Tawny Owl: One adult and two owlets were seen this morning.
Water Rail: Two birds are still present in area 2, they have become a lot shyer, so you might have to wait a while. If could be better early morning or evenings.
Pied Wagtail: Two males around the edge of the lake.
Jackdaw: Four birds flew west at 8.10am.
Redwing: Eighteen birds flew west at 11.00am.
Blackcap: Two birds still in area 24.
Chiffchaff: One was in area 29 this morning.
Siskin: Six in area 24.


Spoonbillz said...

fantastic photos :)

Tony Duckett said...

Thanks, Today I was made to feel that I was neglecting the Herons.

Gav said...

I have seen the Water Rail (but only one) for the last three days and today saw the flock of goldfinches. Thanks for pointing out where everything is. What's the best time for the Siskin or the Blackcaps?

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Gav.
The Siskins are on and off in area 24, but the Blackcaps are in the pen most of the day, may be not always on the feeder. You have to listen out for the Siskins as they are singing quite a lot at the moment